Login information
Last Update:  30 June 2016


In the beginning....

For first time users, this page describes what to do to get your login to the site.
When you login, depending on your role - member, club executive or district role, you will automatically get the appropriate access level permissions for your role
Some of the what you read here will go away when all the club member integration process with RI for member records is completed.
For the next few weeks, you may encounter two possible problems:
  • there is a possibility you may not be able to get a login because your member record is not in clubrunner. To resolve this, the integration process has to be completed. Talk to your club secretary.
  • there is a possibility that the login you get may disappear and you have to do it again. This is because the integration process may have removed the old record and replaced it with the new RI record. You will have to repeat the process to get a login.
Clubrunner (from now on... the "website") automatically creates login id's. Some are peculiar. Go with the flow....
When you have got your first login, everybody can edit their own member profile and you can then set your preferred login id.
Are you going to have a problem? Check this club list here. If your club is listed, you are integrated and you will have no problem.

First time login

1. At the top right of the Home page, click "Member Login"
2. On the screen displayed, click the blue text
3. On the screen displayed, select your club and enter the required information. Then click "submit"
4. If it goes well, you will get this screen below. If it doesn't go well - ignore the clubrunner help contact - try and get a screen capture and email it to me.
5. In the email you receive, click the "reset password" link.
6. You will get this screen. Pay attention to the red text...some sergeants sessions could profit...devil.
Follow the instructions
You're done.


Changing your Login Id

[to come...]