This seminar is intended to bring together in one place the best proven membership practices and resources that Rotarians from clubs across all six New Zealand-based districts can take away back to their clubs to put into actual practice.  The day is a mix of presentations, discussion and workshops.Membership is our number one priority internally as an organisation.
Who should be at the Seminar?  Membership Chairs for Districts, plus Assistant Governors, Club Presidents, Club Membership Chairs, Club and District Leaders and Rotarians.
There have been very successful seminars in New Zealand in the past but only one-off on occasional years.  For several years now these seminars have been run as national events in Australia under the banner of "National Success Seminars" so the format has been well proven over time and the Wellington seminar will draw on all the lessons of Australian Rotary to ensure our own inaugural National Membership Seminar is likewise a resounding success and value for time and money spent.