Clubs are asked to  consider the following Awards and complete the necessary information by the dates for each:
  • Genesis Innovative Project Trophy:  10 April
  • Significant Achievement Award:  31 May
  • RI President's Presidential Citation:  1 April
  • Club Bulletin Award:  30 April
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Genesis Innovative Project Trophy
A trophy awarded to the club that has developed the most innovative project. A panel of three Past District Governors will judge the projects on innovation, service to the community, membership involvement, public recognition, and presentation.
 Nominations are called for from Clubs by  10 April.  The Trophy will be awarded to the winning project at the District Conference.
Significant Achievement Award
Clubs in District 9940 are invited to submit details on completed projects for consideration for a Significant Achievement Award. The award will be presented at the District Governor’s Changeover. Clubs are invited to submit entries to DG Martin by 31 May.
RI President’s Presidential Citation
All activities must be completed by 1 April.  Rotary and Rotaract clubs must have their accomplishments entered in our database by 1 April. Interact clubs should work with their club sponsors to report their accomplishments by 15 April.
Club Bulletin Award
An illustrated framed certificate is presented to the Club that, in the opinion of the District Governor, produces the most attractive and enlightening bulletin. The Rotary Club of Hutt River Valley sponsors the certificate.
If your Bulletin is not already being sent to DG Martin, please provide the most recent 4 Bulletins or a link to an online Bulletin