CAIFU History and TRF report
CAFIU (Chinese Association for International Understanding)
Relationship between Rotary District 9940 and CAFIU – updated 28 September 2016
Rotary District 9940 has had a long association with CAFIU.  It began in 1985 with an invitation to our district from CAFIU offering an exchange between our two organisations.  My understanding is that 6 NZ Rotarian delegates participated in the inaugural visit to China as guests of All China Youth Federation (Now  morphed into CAFIU).  To the best of my knowledge the delegates were
  1. 1985 – 10 delegates to China over three weeks PRID Neil Inkster, PDG Alastair Orsborn, PDG Glen Caves + 7 Rotarians.
  2. Inwards China Vocational Exchange to New Zealand with the team staying in NZ for over 12 months, working mainly agricultural, forestry – D9940 China fund was established with funds earned by Vocational Exchange delegates donated to D9940.
  3. 1989 – 10 delegates invited to China by CAFIU.Their visit covered a period of over three weeks – PDG Dexter Bambery, Hugh Mill (Petone), Martin Townend (Palmerston North), John Eagle (New Plymouth), Neill McNeill (Taihape), George Rotheram (Foxton) + 4 other Rotarians
  4. 1993? - PDG Duncan McKee (Wanganui), Kaye Fitzpatrick (Plimmerton), Jean Phipps (Port Nicholson), Vida Henry (New Plymouth), Joyce Campin (Carterton), Peter (West Coast South Island) Derek England (Plimmerton) Team Leader.
  5. 2003 – 10 day visit to China as guests of CAFIU.6 delegates PDG Judy Bain Hutt Valley (Team Leader), Roger Fitzpatrick (Plimmerton), Judith Gallocher (Johnsonville), PDG Graham Douglass (Heretaunga), Judy Cheung (Harbourside, Auckland), Colleen Tang (Harbourside, Auckland) – visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian and Beijing.Identified a project for Rotary D9940 to resource a school in a very poor rural area, Zha Shui, deep in the mountains south of Xian.The New Zealand team attended meetings of Rotary Tsim Zha Tsui (Hong Kong), Rotary Shanghai, Rotary Beijing during their visit to China.
  6. 2005 – CAFIU delegation to NZ – hosted by Rotary Hutt Valley to attend PDG Barbara Williams D9940 conference, Zhu Dacheng (former Chinese Ambassador to Ethopia, Luo Yi (Chinese representative to WHO conference and former Ambassador to South Africa), Angela (Wang Xiaoyi) and one other.
  7. 2005 – PDG Judy Bain (Team Leader), Graham Douglass, Judy Cheung, Colleen Tang – Rotary Tsim Zha Tsui.Xian and Zha Shui. Delegates involved in the project returned to China to Visit the newly built school at Zha Shui.Rotary Tsim Zha Tsui assisted us with the project in China.
  8. 2013 – CAFIU delegation to NZ – hosted by Rotary Hutt Valley, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Kaiyang (Leader), Angela (Wang Xiaoyi) and 3 others
  9. 2014 – PDG Judy Bain (Team Leader), Greig Mercer and Dawn Ackroyd (all Hutt Valley) + 3 Australian Rotarians from Rotary Crows Nest, Sydney – hosted by CAFIU – Beijing.Attended Rotary Beijing meeting.Agreement received from Party Leaders and Educational Leaders in Miyun County to embark on a VTT Teacher Exchange between Miyun County, China and Hutt Valley New Zealand to be held over a period of 3 consecutive years commencing 2017.Team also visited a Rotary Crows Nest completed water project
  10. 2015 – CAFIU delegation to NZ – hosted by Rotary Hutt Valley, CAFIU Secretary-General Ni Jian (Leader) Angela (Wang Xiaoyi) and 4 others.See photo in attached China and World item page 3 showing PP Greig Mercer (PRIP Bill Boyd’s son-in-law) with Ni Jian visiting Greig’s school.
  11. 2016 – PP Audrey Shearer (Team Leader), PE Joanna Newlove, Ken Chandler (all members of Rotary Hutt Valley) visiting Beijing 21-30 October 2016 as guests of CAFIU.  Whilst they are in Beijing they will be visiting Miyun County, Hebei Province and Rotary Beijing.