Rotary Action Group for Endagered Species (RAGES)


Rotary Action Groups are recognised by Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation.
Rotarian Action Groups (RAGs) provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs and districts in planning and implementing community development and humanitarian service projects. They are organized by committed Rotarians, Rotarians’ family members, and Rotary program participants and alumni who have expertise and a passion for a particular type of service.
[extract from 2016 Annual report on RAG's here]


RAGES was established by Australian Rotarians John Glassford and Philip Merritt. Its website is
Deb Mair, a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Plimmerton is a member of the Board as the Project Director of South East Asia covering 8 countries, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei.
Our purpose is to mobilize Rotarians and provide global awareness and focused ACTION in the continuing struggle to preserve and protect endangered species. We support and promote new and ongoing joint projects with Rotary and Rotaract clubs located in the areas of concern.
Our efforts will start with a particular focus on the rhinos, elephants and mountain gorillas  in Africa, the Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants in Borneo, where poaching and habitat loss is a danger not only to these rare animals, but to the economic survival of the indigenous people who rely on eco-tourism for their livelihood.


The major Project currently underway being led by Deb and supporting Borneo local efforts is Saving the Pigmy Elephant Orphans Borneo Project.
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Colouring competition

Deb started a RAGES colouring competition with Primary schools in District 9940 to promote RAGES whilst engaging with children about Endangered Species and Biodiversity.
This initiative is about to go global. To find out more and see some fabulous pictures, go here.