Rotary Respond to Earthquakes
In the early hours of Monday 14 November 2016 there were two severe earthquakes in the remote Kaikoura area of the South Island (Rotary District 9970) of New Zealand.  There has been substantial damage in the region, particularly to infrastructure such as access via roads and rail.  Some damage was also caused in the Wellington region (Rotary District 9940).
While significant and devastating these earthquakes are in a remote area of New Zealand and the rest of New Zealand is 'open for business'. Despite these and the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes these are rare events ... just real bad luck to have two events within a few years. Rotary will no doubt play a substantial role in helping the communities affected over time but no initial Rotary emergency response has been needed with this being organised via Civil Defence and other Government agencies.
There have been many expressions of concern and messages of support from around the world to Districts 9970 and 9940 and these are appreciated.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Now is the time of the year that we start bombarding you with requests and wants – but it is all for the good of our local and international young people.  
So... we need you to do a couple of things...
  • Applications are now open for OUTBOUND students to depart NZ in January 2018.   Attached is a poster and application form for you to share – club members and schools are a great starting point.
  • Presidents, AG’s and Youth Officers – please consider if your club is willing to host an international student for the 2017/2018 year.  Students certainly add new life to a club and it is so satisfying seeing their growth throughout the year.
For more information visit the website;
If you require more information or would like to talk about hosting options please don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.
Lynne Phillips
RYE District 9940 Committee
131 James Line
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Phone: 06.3579111
Mobile: 0274.793138
Christmas Trees and Other Things
Register Now for the District Conference in April 2017
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The early bird registration fee for the District Conference is no longer available
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Bulletin Editor
Adrienne Murray