District Trophies: Mislaid in Action
The Eden Park junk room, also “Steptoe and Son” deny all knowledge.  However, the fount of all-important information, the Rotarians of District 9940, probably do know. This district has on its books at least 17 trophies, cups etc which can be awarded each year. But we don’t know where they are. They are not lost merely mislaid.  We know where some are but the majority are skulking beyond our ken.
Howard Tong and Ross Murray have been appointed super-sleuths to track all our trophies and awards, knock ‘em into a functional shape and record the who, when, why and so on, for posterity.
So, if you have stored your bulbs-to-be-planted in a dull cup-shaped object, or prop your daily newspaper against an ancient piece of wood, please detach the cobwebs, polish it up and get word of its location to Howard or Ross. This would probably make 16 or so clubs very happy when their endeavours are rewarded by DG Jillian at the forthcoming conference.  
Contact Howard Howard.l.tong@gmail.com or Ross highgrove2@xtra.co.nz with any details on our 'lost' trophies