Origins of the Centurion Club in D9940
The Centurion Club was introduced in District 9940 by Past District Governor Judy Bain early in 2003 as a way of achieving several goals:
  • encourage individual Rotarians and others to personally donate a minimum of NZ$100.00 annually to The Rotary Foundation, and
  • obtain tax relief as a donation to a charitable trust, and
  • support the drive for all Rotarians and others to achieve an annual giving of US$100.00, and
  • generate additional District Designated funds for allocation to District Grants, and
  • gaining Paul Harris recognition points for their clubs.
In 2003, the internet was in its infancy. International financial transactions and credit card use were in their early stages of development. There was also a requirement to comply with NZ tax law for donations to international charitable trusts. Effectively a difficult and risky process acting as a barrier for individuals to contribute. Joining the Centurion club removes the barriers and makes contributing simple, easy, reliable and provides a tax donation receipt for the individuals, while generating additional downstream benefits.
At the same time, Rotary has been encouraging its membership to raise their individual annual giving to US100.00. With the variable exchange rates, this was - and still is - a significant step for NZ Rotarians, but a goal of NZ$100.00 annual giving was an achievable intermediate step.
The donations provided are credited to the Foundation Annual Programmes fund which come back to the District and clubs through additional funds for grants to club projects. They also gain Paul Harris credits to the Rotarian's club (or the District if a non-Rotarian), so the club benefits from its members efforts as well.
The Centurion Club and its structure provides a 4-way win for the individual, The Foundation,  the clubs and the District. 
Download the Brochure and application form here.