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Forum 2018
The 29th Rotary National Science & Technology Forum was held in Auckland, January 2018.
See the Youtube video of the Friday night dinner here
The successful students from D9940 are listed here
Rotary National Science and Technology Forum
This is a programme for OUTSTANDING all round science, maths and technology students in Year 12 who will be returning to Year 13 and are planning to study the sciences or technology at tertiary level.
This fully residential programme is conducted by Rotary and the Tertiary Institutions of Auckland. By the end of the Forum students should have a better understanding of the tertiary courses they wish to follow and a fuller appreciation of the place of science and technology in the wider community.  It also provides an opportunity for high achieving students to spend time with similar minded people, and the experiences gained invariably result in overall personal growth and renewed motivation to succeed.
Each District has been allocated 22 places at the Forum.
All Secondary Schools and Clubs in the District will be sent copies of the application forms and guidelines.  Applications from students MUST be lodged with Rotary Clubs, who will interview & endorse them before forwarding to the District Coordinator who will then make the final District selections.
At both Club and District level, selection is based on positive personal qualities and proven scholastic achievement. Successful students should be advised by the District Coordinator by end September. Selected applicants have the opportunity to win a place at either the Canberra (1 per District) or the London International Youth Science Forum (2 Forum places).

2019 30th Forum Preliminary Information

Date:         12th-26th January 2019.
Location: O’Rorke Hall, a University of Auckland Hall of Residence, 16 Mount St, Auckland, 1010
Fees:  $1795 per student.
For the fees, tax invoices will be provided. The fee covers the cost of accommodation, tuition and transport in Auckland.  Travel to and from Auckland for NZ students living more than 150km from the venue is also met by the Forum organisation.
It is usual for the sponsoring Rotary Club to pay part of the fee with the balance to be paid by the applicants.  It is important for the students to make a contribution themselves. The amount that the student is to pay needs to be determined and recorded at the interview to avoid any confusion. 
Clubs are asked to meet the following deadlines, without fail please.
25 July
Application materials with details and guidelines mailed to Clubs and Schools.
End July
Clubs – please contact your Schools – Head of Science to encourage applications
21 September
Applications close at Club level – interviews arranged within next 2 weeks
7 October
Interviews completed and Club selections underway with all details ready for forwarding to District Coordinator – details below. Please complete the Interview form.
12 October
Latest date for applications & one cheque per student to be with District Coordinators.
Late October
Expected date for successful Applicants & Clubs to be advised by District Coordinators
end October
All successful application forms & supporting documentation plus FEES to be with the Director.  Due to the tight time frame, late applications are unlikely to be able to be accepted.
Mid December
Student Handbook containing all details of the Forum mailed directly to Students
Please attach a postdated Rotary Club cheque to the application form for each student to streamline payment and avoid a whole round of follow up activity. 
Cheques made out to “The Rotary International Summer Science Schools Trust".
ONE CHEQUE PER STUDENT PLEASE. The Forum organisation undertakes to either destroy the cheque of unsuccessful applicants or forward a Tax Invoice to Clubs with successful applicants. 
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