ROMAC NZ Charities Trust
 ROMAC is an humanitarian Rotary programme which provides within Australia and New Zealand, medical treatment for children 15 years and under, who are from developing countries, for life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not available to them in their own country.
Rotarians volunteer their time which encompasses and is endorsed by all 29 Australian and New Zealand Districts.
Eminent Australian and New Zealand surgeons donate their time for the treatment of our patients and in return the surgeons get unique opportunities to develop their specialist skills.
Children from 20 developing countries, many of whom have been disfigured by accidents and/or congenital conditions, receive urgent medical treatment that has given them new hope. 
During their recovery after surgery, the children and a parent are hosted by NZ families, fostering international learning and understanding in the process. Almost 100% of money received is spent on the children.
  about ROMAC
New Zealand Regional Director
ROMAC Medical Director
Angela Bowey  (Bay of Islands)
Home: 09 402 8416
Cell: 021 280 4350
Eric Horne (Margaret)  (New Lynn)
Home: 09 818 3654
Cell: 021 457 202
NZ Administrator
Geoff Pownall (Bev) (Takapuna))
Cell: 021 627 014
Charities Registration #CC45367