ClubRunner Information
ClubRunner is the software that Rotary worldwide uses to build its websites on. For the majority of the Clubs in our Region, ClubRunner will be what your websites are built on too.
The purpose of this page is to help Club Boards / Executives obtain useful information about using the software.

How to Use ClubRunner

To use ClubRunner successfully it is good to go to their main manual, this is available below. This will contain the answer to the majority of questions you might have as to how the website's operate.

Get a Login

This allows every member to manage and update their own member profile information.

It is essential for club executives to perform specific roles on their club websites, and it is required as the sign-on for using the ClubRunner Mobile App.

Nickname Issue

There is a known bug with the use of the nickname field. In such, we recommend all Club Executives read this.