District Youth Protection and Committee
The District Youth Protection members, assisted by the District Youth Protection Committee, raises awareness of risk management issues for youth programmes and ensures that the district, clubs, and all programme volunteers comply with the RI and district abuse and harassment policies.
He or she is the first point of contact in the district should any Rotarian receive an allegation of abuse or harassment.
The District Youth Protection members are to:
  • Maintain records of all allegations made.
  • Ensure proper handling of allegations.
  • Work with clubs to inform all Rotarians of their obligations under both district policy and local laws.
  • Review and maintain an archive of all screened volunteers, including applications and the results of criminal background checks and reference checks.
  • Collect and submit all forms required by the police or relevant state / local authorities to conduct background checks on programme volunteers who will have unsupervised access to youth.
  • Ensure that appropriate training is made available to Rotarians, programme volunteers such as host families, or RYLA counsellors, and youth participants and their parents.
  • Advise the district youth programme committees about developments in educational and training programmes.
The District Youth Protection member in their relationship with the District Governor is to act in all matters in accord with the District Youth Exchange Abuse and Harassment Prevention Policy and RI Abuse and Harassment Prevention Training Manual and Leader’s Guide.
The various application and consent forms required to  be completed by those engaged in any Youth activity are available  in the documents library under Youth Protection.
District Youth Protection Officer
Richard Wishnowsky (Marton)
Cell: 027 730 0946
District Youth Protection Police Liaison
Linda Wellington  (Port Nicholson)
Ph: 021 512 489